Meet the fatbois.

Our Rating Criteria:

Salsa Verde: Good

Ice Cold Brewski: Great

Guy Fieri: AMAZING

Jess and Christie, from central and northern New Jersey respectively, met and became friends as college freshman at the University of Scranton in 2010. Through the years they have shared their enthusiasm for food, drink, and humor, and on March 11th 2016, @FatboiTendencies was born. Their posts are known for puns, dad jokes, pop culture references, as well as foods that may be bad for you but are pleasing to both your eyes and tastebuds.

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Facebook: Fatboi Tendencies
Instagram: @FatboiTendencies and side project @FitboiTendencies (coming soon!)
Unroll: @Fatboitenden_c

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The Daily Meal
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.46.40 AM.png
Jess14950_2681577441926_4250436714301672968_n (1)Your friendly neighborhood Whasian. Most likely to order 5 separate menu items and proceed to eat them all at once. Residing in the suburbs of Central New Jersey (yes, there is such a thing as Central NJ). Full-time fatboi, aspiring speech-language pathologist.
Favorite food: Cheeseburgers
Relatable Fatboi lyric: “He can tell I ain’t missin’ no meals” -Nicki Minaj. PREACH

Christie Once ordered an extra burrito as a gift to her drunk self later that night. Dwells in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey. You can spot her coaching sports, or remaining completely immobile otherwise #slothlyfe.
Favorite food: Pizza
Fun fact: Her life goal is to befriend Beyonce.